Illinois Accelerator Research Center

Fermilab Core Capabilities

Core capabilities Areas of Expertise
Accelerator Science Beam dynamics and theory
Design of linear and circular accelerators
Simulation and Modeling
Phase-space manipulation
Energy Deposition
Accelerator Operation Operation and commissioning of large, complex accelerator systems
Accelerator Technology (design, fabrication, test) Particle sources
Superconducting RF cavities and Cryomodules
Conventional magnets
Pulsed magnets and kickers
Superconducting magnets
Magnet field mapping
Beam Cooling systems
Beam Instrumentation
Design of high power targets
High and low-level RF systems
Cryogenic Refrigeration systems
Control, Interlock, and Data acquisition systems
VHDL, PLD, PLC, DSP programming
Accelerator Engineering Complete accelerator design, fabrication, commissioning
Design accelerator RF systems
Control systems modeling and design
Radio Frequency system modeling, integration, and operation
Low and High power electrical and cooling systems
Computational modeling of energy deposition and activation
Accelerator component and system cost estimates
Cryogenic Engineering
Particle Detectors Advanced Detectors: design, development, beam test
Custom ASIC development
Computing Collection, management, analysis of large data sets
High speed parallel (GRID) computing
High speed networks
Data Storage and Cloud computing
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