Scientists and engineers at IARC work side by side with industrial partners to research and develop breakthroughs in accelerator science and technology and translate them into applications for the nation’s health, wealth and security.

The mission of IARC, which is part of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, is to advance technologies developed by Fermilab towards commercialization and, with industry partners, help create products and services that improve the health, wealth and security of the nation.

Through funding provided by the State of Illinois and the U.S. Department of Energy, IARC was designed and constructed on the Fermilab campus. This 83,000 square foot, state-of-the-art building houses offices, technical and educational space to study cutting-edge accelerator technologies. In addition to attracting new private industry partners that will create new high-tech jobs, the center also collaborates with local universities and serves as a training facility for a new generation of scientists, engineers and technical staff in accelerator technology. These partnerships make critical contributions to the technological and economic health of Illinois and place the state in a position to become the world leader in accelerator research, development and industrialization.

Featured Items

Fermilab teams up with small business RadiaBeam to help commercialize advanced accelerators

A grant from the U.S. federal government has enabled a collaborative project between Fermilab and RadiaBeam Technologies to design and build a conduction-cooled cryomodule. This cryomodule will make it possible for small businesses to take advantage of compact superconducting radiofrequency accelerators for their industrial needs.

Researchers at Fermilab develop electron beam accelerator to sterilize medical equipment

Many medical devices or equipment for use on humans must be sterilized during manufacturing according to recognized standards. The medical device sterilization industry is expected to grow considerably, and scientists and engineers are looking for alternatives to conventional methods that pose safety concerns. Experts at Fermilab are building a prototype electron beam accelerator system that uses X-rays to sterilize medical equipment.

Researchers at Fermilab use electron beams to eradicate forever chemicals in water

High-energy electron beams are excellent candidates for destroying PFAS in the environment. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, in collaboration with 3M, have successfully demonstrated that an electron beam can destroy the two most common types of PFAS in water — PFOA and PFOS.

Featured Applications

Compact SRF e-beam accelerator

Novel accelerator technology developed at Fermilab holds a number of advantages over conventional technologies. This innovation will provide solutions for commercial needs that either have had little success or are excessively costly.

Water treatment via e-beam

Reliable, cost-effective electron accelerators could be used to sterilize municipal sludge and waste water while simultaneously destroying harmful pathogens, pharmaceuticals and organic contaminants.